Decades Of Sunshine

From the vibrant 60s to the dynamic 2020s, YEPREM celebrates its legacy with a sparkling adventure through time. Relive the summers of yesterday, today, and tomorrow, basking in the sunshine of YEPREM 60th anniversary.

The Legacy Headpiece

Crafted with unparalleled artistry, this headpiece pays homage to the enduring legacy of YEPREM, honoring the unique journey of every woman.

Each detail reflects the path she takes, her triumphs, and her strength, showcased in the intricate loops and twists of the crown.

LEGACY is more than a symbol; it is a tribute to the voice, beauty, and power of women everywhere.

YEPREM 60th Anniversary

Marking the 60th anniversary of YEPREM, enter a new era of innovation.
With exclusive creations that defy conventions and push limits, The House continues to inspire individuals to reach their highest potential through unconventional jewels that transcend the norms.

YEPREM gives you voice, beauty and power.


A true force to change: THE CLAW is an avant-garde masterpiece that reflects the power of a revolutionary era, a statement artisan that pays tribute to YEPREM women, by reflecting their self-confidence, strength, and empowering femininity all women have within!  



Passing down the passion for jewellery, the new generation takes the reign joining their father on a journey of revolutionizing the jewellery industry.

YEPREM Family Picture